What is the purpose of homehaus.com?

To help self builders at the ideas and early design stage to find ideas, work out what they like and don’t like and potential Architect Designers that can turn all these ideas into a realisable design.

House Designs

What is the difference between house plans and design ideas?

House plans are generally seen as off the shelf designs that you buy as is or with option based modifications, this works for some people who just need a set of plans for planning or a build sell development that they do not intend living in.
Design ideas are simply just that, ideas to help you identify what you like, and dislike, whole designs or just details. From this you can develop your taste and ideal design by viewing, comparing and saving designs to your favourites. This collection of ideas is the basis of a clear brief you can take to an architect or home designer, which you can find on Homehaus.

Are there designs for garden rooms, offices, sheds and garages?

Yes, there are, they are categorised under extensions as they are new additions to a property. If you are looking for a garage that is converted to a home office try renovations and conversions.

Can the designs be purchased as they are?

Not from the website, some architects or designers may sell a design as is or a modified version. When you click on a design to view in detail the designer can be easily contacted by clicking on the email, request a call-back or brochure links.

Can designs be modified?

Your best option is to ask the creating Architect or Designer by clicking on a design to view in detail the designer can be easily contacted by clicking on the email, request a call back or brochure links.

I have found the perfect design; do I still need an Architect or Home Designer?

Yes, you do; the site’s potential with your needs, dreams and budget can only be realised to their best with the skills of a professional. This site is only an aid to help you with your ideas, ideas you sit down with an architect or designer for them to turn into a workable design.

How do I compare designs?

When viewing a design there is an option on the right hand panel ‘Add to design compare’ once clicked the design is added, the design compare can hold a maximum of 4 designs, if all 4 slots are occupied a pop up panel will show you what designs occupy these slots and which you want to replace with the presently viewed design. From here you can launch the compare viewer which also lets you arrange and remove designs.

How do I share designs with other people?

When viewing a design there is an option on the right hand panel ‘Share this design’ once clicked a panel will show where you can enter the email address of yourself and the recipient and a brief message.

How do I request information from Architects and Designers about a design?

When viewing a design there is a panel below the Tool box on the right hand side with options ‘Share this design’, here you can request a call back, brochures if available or ask a specific question; once Submit is clicked, if not logged in you will be shown a panel with the means to or the option to register an account. If or when you are, the information will be emailed to the company. They should respond to you within a few days.

Information requests you make are logged in your account under the headings of active and completed. For requests such as brochures, it will just state sent, an email notification of this will be sent to you. For questions the response will be viewable from the complete requests.

Architects & Designers

Where are the Architects and designers from?

The designs are from Ireland, North and South, and the mainland UK. You can select the country of an Architect Designer In the design search results under browsing options on the left hand side you will see a tab title ‘Country this will filter the results accordingly.

Architect, Architectural technician and home designer, what is the difference?

A person must have the education, training and experience to be regarded as an architect and legally trade as one. An Architect in the UK must be registered with ARB, Architects Registration Board. Businesses and companies can call themselves architects and use the title in their trading name once a controlling member of the company is a registered architect.
In the Republic of Ireland they should be registered with Royal Institute of Architects Ireland RIAI

Architectural Technician
Same as with an architect, this person must have the appropriate qualifications and experience to declare themselves as an architectural technician and should be in the UK registered with CIAT Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. In the Republic of Ireland they should be registered with Royal Institute of Architects Ireland RIAI as an Architectural Technologist.

Home Designer
Some people may have the skill and local knowledge to create a great design that will get planning and meet your budget, but not the qualification or professional indemnity, they may work with a structural engineer who does as they can check and approve the designs, and so they are safe and achievable to build.

I am an Architect / Designer; how can I get my designs and practice on Homehaus.com?

If you are interested in having an account with Homehaus email us at info@homehaus.com

How do I check qualifications and reputation of an architect / designer?

Go to the website of the accrediting institution or association where there should be a search facility. If you do not get a result don’t dismiss straight away, check details are correct, ask them for more details or phone the accrediting body.

Checking if their quality, customer service and case studies are what they claim, check with associations they are a member of, ask to see verification of insurance, professional indemnity and certification of you are unsure.
For case studies of past work, ask to visit and meet a past client at their house.


How do I register an account?

To get the most out of Homehaus.com you will need to register an account to get full access to all the site features. To do this is quick and easy; just click on My Account or at the top of the page under Register.
The registration form requires some mandatory information and your email verified through an account activation link emailed to you on submitting the registration form.

  1. Your account information will be used in several areas; Contact details; if you request information from a company listed on the site they have a means to reply.
  2. Email Newsletter, special offers and notices; marketing information will only be emailed if you have requested it, notices will be sent on occasion from the customer service team or support.
  3. Your area of interest; knowing what you are actually or just considering to build, and where helps us build a greater number of companies and designs that meet your needs and location.

How do I edit my profile?

Login in to Homehaus, go to ‘My account’ and under ‘Manage account’ click on ‘Account profile and settings’, this will load up your profile details in an editable form when finished click ‘save’.

How do I manage my favourite designs?

  1. 1 Once a design is added to your favourites it is accessible through the ‘My Account’ tab. The thumbnails of the most recently added are shown on the dashboard page, with a link lower right to view all.
  2. Once on the favourite page you can view the designs in full view by clicking on the image or title, clicking on the company name will bring up their profile page.
  3. Designs can be removed by clicking the red x above the thumbnail.
  4. Favourites can be arranged by thumbnail or in a list format by selecting from the top of the favourites page. In list mode it is possible to arrange by selecting the column titles, select a second time to reverse the order. In thumbnail mode use the drop down menu.

Forgotten Password?

In the event your password is forgotten or does not work click the ‘Forgot your password?’ from the lower left of the log in panel. You should receive and email with a replacement password within a few minutes, if not, try again and failing that email support@homehaus.com

How do I change my password?

Once you are logged in, go to My Account, click on ‘Account profile & settings’ under the Manage account heading, at the bottom will be the panel to change your password, click ‘Change’ below the panel to process.

What are my privacy & data protection rights?

For a full description view the terms and conditions page by clicking here.